This new and strange situation forced our industry to re-adapt to a new reality, where quick-to-produce and cost-effective formats are in great need.

We at Gil Formarts, thought long and hard on how we can help our industry with finding new and creative ways to make the current adapting period just a bit easier by pointing out our simple2make formats.


Our talent reality competition format, Oh My Dog!, is the ultimate entertainment format to produce (and broadcast!) in the Coronavirus days.

Oh My Dog! was adapted to the ‘social-distancing’ era far before the world even knew what it meant, as ‘World’s Most Amazing Dog’ for Facebook (produced in the US by 3Ball).
This very successful US adaptation is widely interactive and had an extensive digital use without any presence of dogs in the studio as it featured contestants from all over the world, and this execution is PERFECT for these days!

Great show for family viewing that can work well for online/digital platforms as well as linear TV (as was done in Israel).


Breaking the Dress CodeThis fashion-themed competition format has lots of opportunities for commercial tie-ins. With little tweaks the competition aspect and search for the perfect outfit can be done entirely online to become social-distancing-friendly.

2 eps per shooting day.



Kids in Power – This new situation we are all in, brought up new family interactions and new situations to cope with. This parenting format is a great opportunity to show these ordeals and the ways to deal with them. This can be shot either with rigged cameras or a small eng crew. Great vehicle for Supernanny as she can very well be one of the experts here (can also save precious time of casting an expert).


Are You For Real?– This fast-paced comic gameshow is very cost-effective, and can be adapted to be entirely in a remote-mode (along the lines of Gogglebox), where the contestants watch the couples in the different apartments from the comfort of their living room, and interact with them that way.

2 eps per shooting day.


More Formats that are already adapted to small and easy productions without compromising on quality or enjoyment.


For those of you that are looking for Finished Programs, make sure to click on the pics here below for more info.


Feel free to contact us with any questions through our contact page.

We wish you all good health, and please stay safe. We will get through this together.


All of us here at GilFormats

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