Gil Formats, Tel Aviv based content creator and distributer, brings ‘Pregnant & Platonic’ to MIPCOM 2016. This format was co-developed with US Based production company, MY Entertainment.

‘Pregnant & Platonic’ is based on the very real and growing phenomenon of Co-Parenting – women and men who are looking to have a child without first falling in love. The format was inspired by the personal experience of Gil Formats’ CEO, Assaf Gil, who had his first child this year with a co-parent.

It is a radical new way to start a family and the stakes couldn’t be higher – two strangers making a lifelong commitment to have and raise a child together.  It’s called “Platonic Parenting” and this is the new Modern Family.

In the self-contained format, each participant will meet 3 potential partners that have been hand-selected for them by a team of experts, and go thru an intensive parenting boot camp to help determine if their values and parenting styles are compatible.

Once they choose a partner to have a child with, the series will follow the couples over the course of a year as they face numerous challenges and difficult decisions before they can turn their dreams of becoming parents into a reality.

Each story will hopefully climax with a baby being born…

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Gil Formats invests in the creation and development of scripted and non scripted television shows and formats.

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