Gil Formats, Tel Aviv based content creator and distributor, brings ‘Sins of the Father’ to MIPTV 2017. This format was co-developed with US based production company, MY Entertainment.  This represents the second collaboration between the two companies, having previously co-created ‘Pregnant & Platonic’, which has now has deals in the UK, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

‘Sins of the Father‘ is a powerful and dramatic format, which shines a light on the unknown victims of notorious criminals – their very own children.

These criminals committed the most brutal crimes that shocked the world, and were caught and sentenced to life behind bars. They left their victims and the victims’ families with scars that would never heal.  But they left other victims behind too – their children whose lives were also ruined.

We follow the emotional story of the relatives left behind as their parents and sometimes grandparents serve life behind bars.  Their own lives have been shattered and it’s a struggle to handle the stigma.  We see them as they try to deal with the burden they’ve been carrying, and then gather the courage to confront their parent to tell them for the first time how their life has been affected by the crime.   Each episode culminates in a dramatic and emotional meeting between the criminal and the relative.

Will they find the strength to reveal how just much they have been damaged? How will the parent react?  ‘Sins of the Father’ – The untold story behind the crime.

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